Arms and Shoulders

Below you will find the videos we may have recommended for your home care. Please watch the video to the end before beginning the shown treatment.

IMPORTANT: If this or any other stretch/exercise causes pain, tingling, numbness or other abnormality discontinue and contact our office immediately. The exercises/stretches contained within this website are solely for the use of existing, active patients of our clinic who have received a prescription for these exercises/stretches. Other individuals do not have our permission to perform the exercises/stretches contained within and should not attempt to do so. Attempting to perform these exercises/stretches, unless explicitly prescribed by our office, could result in serious injury or a worsening of existing conditions.

Active Range of Motion – Shoulder

Bicep Curl with Theraband

Epley’s Stretch

Extensor Muscle Stretch

Front Forearm Stretch

Passive Range of Motion – Shoulder

Pendulum Swing

Posterior Shoulder Stretch

Resisted Ranges of Motion – Shoulder

Scalene Stretch

Scapulae Retraction

Supraspinatus Stretch

Tricep Extension

Wall Walk

Rhomboid Stretch

Push Up Plus

Shoulder Abduction

Chest Press

Seated Row