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Abs & Core

Below you will find the videos we may have recommended for your home care. Please watch the video to the end before beginning the shown treatment.

IMPORTANT: If this or any other stretch/exercise causes pain, tingling, numbness or other abnormality discontinue and contact our office immediately. The exercises/stretches contained within this website are solely for the use of existing, active patients of our clinic who have received a prescription for these exercises/stretches. Other individuals do not have our permission to perform the exercises/stretches contained within and should not attempt to do so. Attempting to perform these exercises/stretches, unless explicitly prescribed by our office, could result in serious injury or a worsening of existing conditions.

Abdominal Oblique Exercise

Abdominal Strengthening

Abdominal Bracing - Kneeling Position

Abdominal Bracing - Quadricep Position

Abdominal Bracing - Standing Position

Abdominal Bracing - Supine Position

Heel Slide

Bridge on Exercise Ball

Bridge on Exercise Ball – Part 2

Curl Up on Ball

Superman on Exercise Ball

Dead Bug

Dead Bug - Double Arm Raise

Dead Bug - Single Arm and Leg Raise

Dead Bug - Single Arm Raise

Dead Bug - Single Leg Raise

Dead Bug - Single Leg Extension

Dead Bug - Supine Alternating Kicks

Bird Dog

Baby Cobra

Cross-Crawl Exercise

Side Bend

Side Bend with Twist

Cat Camels

Upward Dog

Downward Dog